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Kenya E-Visa

Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization

For short terms stays for
Tourism or Business or Transit


This website is specifically designed to facilitate the e-Visa applicants who wish to visit Kenya.

Through this website, you can register and conveniently apply for your Kenya e-Visa. Our professional visa experts can help you throughout the application process and address all your queries regarding Kenya e-visa form submission. Depending upon the type of e-visa, the applying procedure may take up to 72 hours time.

E-visa for Kenya: Easy & Simple

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Submit Your
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Note: We are a third party agency and not allied to the Government website.
We facilitate legal entities and applicants with their travel documentation for seamless visa processing.


Kenya E-Visa

Electronic Visa or E-Visa is easy and quick when compared to any traditional paper visas. This is issued online rather than following the time consuming application procedures. But the similarity between traditional paper visa and E-Visa is that without having a visa you are not allowed to enter any foreign territory. People willing to visit Kenya for sightseeing, business or any other purposes, should obtain a valid visa. Thus, by getting a valid E-visa, one can legitimately enter the territory of Kenya.

Know Your
Visa Type

Before planning a trip to Kenya, it is important for a visitor to know the visa category he/she wishes to apply electronically. Here are the three types of E-Visas that one can apply for Kenya:

Tourist Visa

This type of visa is specifically issued to the applicants who wish to visit Kenya as tourist or to meet their friends/family or to attend any cultural event or for medical purposes. A Tourist Visa is valid for 90 days allowing a visitor to stay in Kenya for the periods of 90 days. However, one can renew this visa once in the country for a maximum stay of 6 months.

Specification for Tourist Visa: To apply for a Kenya Tourist e-Visa, applicant should provide a travel itinerary along with hotel bookings. In addition, a recent passport size photograph as per the guidelines and a clear bio data page also required to be provided by an applicant.

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Transit Visa

This is a single entry visa allows a foreign citizen to enter the territory of Kenya while travelling to any other country via Kenya. A Kenya Transit Visa is valid merely for 72 hours.

Specification for Transit Visa: Apart from the cited documents, applicants are required to provide an onward ticket at the time of applying for a Kenya Transit Visa.

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Business Visa

People willing to visit Kenya for business need to apply for such type of visa. The validity of a Business Visa is 90 days allowing a visitor to stay in the country up to 90 days.

Specification for Business Visa: People seeking a Business e-Visa for Kenya should provide an invitation letter received from the hosting organization accompanied with copies of registration of the organization.

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Visa Prerequisites

Getting a single entry visa for Kenya requires the following:

Authentic Travel Document

Confirmed Return Ticket

Minimum One Blank Page On Passport

Application Form for Kenya e-Visa

To apply for Kenya e-Visa, applicants need to submit an online application form, which is available at our website (plz link this with application Form page). The Form is designed seeking your personal information such as; complete name, date of birth, passport number, contact details, purpose of visit etc. Depending on the purpose of visit, applicants will be required to provide the detail information of their host. To avoid any unwanted hassles or rejection, it is advisable to fill up the form carefully and with correct information. While submitting the form, you can also make the payment online.

Kenya Visa For The Citizens From India

Indian nationals seeking e-Visa for Kenya can submit the application form through our website and make the required fees online. If the uploaded form is correct as per the visa specification, it will be processed in 2 working days and the visa will be sent to your registered email address. You need to take a print out of this visa and show it at the check point along with your valid passport.

Kenya Visa For The Citizens From US

Similar to Indian citizens, the US citizens are also entitled to an e-Visa for Kenya. To apply for an e-Visa for Kenya, the US nationals can submit the online form through our website and pay the required charges accordingly.

People who need a Visa to Enter Kenya

There are more than 120 countries whose passport holders either require a referral visa or exempted from obtaining a visa while travelling to Kenya. However, nationals don’t fall under any of these lists will require a visa before entering Kenya. On the other hand, individuals below 16 years age are exempted from the visa requirements. Kenya Visa once issued and approved allows you to visit the country within 3 months.

Eligible Countries

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